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Sex: Male
Age: 11 Weeks Old
Registration: AKC

What’s Included:

✅ Vet Checked
✅ Up to Date Vaccinations
✅ Neutered
✅Crate Trained
✅House Trained
✅ Health Guarantee
✅ Child Friendly
✅ Pet Friendly

Comes with Papers + Health Guarantee + Vaccination + Carrier


Teacup french bulldog for sale near me

Find and buy the most adorable AKC registered Teacup French Bulldog for sale near you here at glamorousfrenchbulldogs. .Whether you want a purebred standard French bulldogs or a teacup frenchie for sale near your area, you can find your perfect miniature or  teacup french bulldog you need with our reputable French bulldog breeders near you. If you are looking for an adult, there are a variety of French Bulldogs for sale, but it will take some research to find one that is right for you. An experienced breeder who knows all about Frenchies will be able to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Origin of the teacup French Bulldog

The Teacup French Bulldog is the the fourth most popular dog breed in America. Despite what its name may imply, the French Bulldog cheap was developed in England. These dogs are descendants of English Bulldogs, who were, unfortunately, used for violent “sports” such as bull-baiting. When activities like this were outlawed in England in 1835, the English Bulldog was bred down in size, resulting in the Toy Bulldog. During the Industrial Revolution, these Toy Bulldogs were brought to France by English lace workers, and the French immediately took a liking to the little dog. So, they began to import more and more of the breed. Over time, the Toy Bulldog became a breed of its own, and was eventually named the French Bulldog. By the end of the 19th century, the Frenchie’s popularity had spread from Europe to the United States, and the breed remains quite popular today.

What is the Temperament miniature French Bulldogs

Teacup Frenchies for sale near me are loving companions who thrive on human contact. If you want an outdoor dog who can be left alone for long periods, the Frenchie is not the breed for you. This is a dog who enjoys lavishing love on his human companions as much as he loves the same treatment in return. They generally get along well with everyone, including children. They can, however, be territorial and possessive of their people, especially in the presence of other dogs. Socialization is a must for this breed, but with their easy companionship this is an enjoyable task. French Bulldogs are known for their playful and gentle natures. They are great family dogs and are known to be very tolerant of other family members. French Bulldogs are also known to be very active and playful, which can make them a lot of fun to be around.

Miniature French bulldog puppies are adorable and cuddly. They make great family pets and are very playful. French bulldog puppies will love to romp and play with you and your other pets. They are also very loyal and loving.

REX is a playful and loving French bulldog that is family raised and is looking for his forever home. He has been vet checked and is up to date on shots and dewormer. REX comes with a 1 year genetic health guarantee .He is eligible to register with AKC. If you have any questions about REX or if you like to make a down payment feel free to contact Jasmine

teacup french bulldog for sale near me

Sex: Male
Age: 11 Weeks Old
Registration: AKC

What’s Included:

Vet Checked
Up to Date Vaccinations
Crate Trained
House Trained
Health Guarantee
Child Friendly
Pet Friendly


Comes with Papers + Health Guarantee + Vaccination + Carrier


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