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We at Glamorous French Bulldogs realise that bringing a dog into your family is an important decision. So we have gone the extra mile to make choosing a puppy from us completely worry free. On top of our amazing Lifetime Health Guarantee, Our Shipping Protection service will cover all the shipping and transportation costs for your new puppy, including any agent services, veterinary documents, microchip and shipping crate costs. This offer protects you right up to the amount you paid for shipping your original puppy.

Shipping Protection provides coverage if your puppy should sadly pass away, or suffers from one of the conditions listed in our Guarantee.

Shipping Protection would be awesome value for you:

  • IF you feel that paying shipping for your puppy once was enough and you want the luxury to not pay it again next time.
  • IF you wish to have a dog for many years to come, even decades or more, after your dog passes naturally or by illness.
  • IF you have many dogs, and expect that you will want more from Glamorous French Bulldogs in the future.

It is probably not for you:

  • IF this is your first time choosing a dog, and you are not sure you are a lifelong dog owner. Maybe you are just giving dog ownership a try.
  • IF you think that your future circumstances may change, so that having a dog in the future would not be practical or possible.

We have made this service extra easy for you by offering our Shipping Protection as you make your purchase. Once you have chosen your puppy from us and we have calculated the shipping costs, this exclusive protection is offered to you for just a fraction of the original shipping costs.

With our Lifetime Health Guarantee and Shipping Protection you need only do one thing, choose your new puppy and we will handle everything for you.

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