Frenchton Puppies for sale

Find your perfect pure breed AKC registered Frenchton Puppies for sale here at We have the widest selection of cute  frenchton puppies available near you. Find a frenchton puppy for sale today from our reputable Frenchton Breeders all over the United States. Own a french terrier!

Origin of the Frenchton Puppies

The Frenchton Puppies for sale is a cross of the French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier. The breed was developed in recent times and was developed in the United States. Like all mixed breeds it’s not uncommon to see the appearance and character of one puppy to differ dramatically from the one of its littermate . However, generally speaking, Frenchtons are very friendly and affectionate. They also are very comfortable and have minimal fitness requirements, making them great pets for apartment living. They are also able to thrive in homes.

Temperament of Frenchtons

If you’re looking for French Bulldog puppies to buy or  adopt, you should understand their temperament. These puppies are gentle, loving and affectionate. They are a good family dog and do well with children. The Frenchton breed is also intelligent, docile and relatively easy to train. While puppies may be very energetic, adult Frenchies are relatively calm and have moderate exercise needs. That makes them an excellent choice for apartments and for owners who are unable to provide vigorous exercise.The Frenchton dogs bond with owners and can get depressed if left alone for long periods. Bored or lonely pups can also chew or become destructive.

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