Name: LEVI

Status: Available
Age: 10 Weeks Old
Registration: AKC




french bulldog price

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French Bulldogs do not need a lot of room and do very well in apartments or small dwellings. A couple of 15-minute walks per day should keep them from becoming overweight. Keep the Frenchie in cool, comfortable surroundings. He’s susceptible to heat exhaustion and needs an air-conditioned environment. This is not a dog who can stay outside on a hot day.french bulldog price

French Bulldogs are wonderful companion dogs with a gentle nature. If you work at home, the Frenchie is happy to lie at your feet all day or follow you from room to room. People who love them describe them as mischievous goof balls and can’t imagine life without them. They are a constant presence, and they’ll love you with all the strength in their small bodies, proving time and again that beauty is on the inside.french bulldog price

If you are interested in buying a French Bulldog for a good price, be sure to research the best breeders in your area. French Bulldogs are a high-energy breed and require a lot of exercise.

French Bulldogs are known for their playful and gentle natures. They are great family dogs and are known to be very tolerant of other family members. French Bulldogs are also known to be very active and playful, which can make them a lot of fun to be around.

french bulldog price

Name: LEVI

Status: Available
Age: 10 Weeks Old
Registration: AKC

Adorable French Bulldog puppy available!!!
Puppies vaccinations are up to date, regularly wormed and flea treated. Toilet training has been introduced.
They love to kiss and cuddle and very playful and slightly spoiled.
Only for loving new homes.
Happy to respond for questions via message or email
Each Puppy will come with:
✅ •Pedigree Certificate
✅ •Health Checked
✅ •Microchipped
✅ •1st Vaccinations DONE
✅ •2nd Vaccinations DONE
✅ •Flea treatment up to date
✅ •Worm treatment up to date
✅ •Toilet training introduced
✅ •Puppy pad training introduced
✅ •Lifetime advice & support



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